Der Mobile Strassenleistungsprufstand “Dynoroad"

Eine revolution in der leistungsmessun

In the world of tuning and performance optimization, accurate performance measurements play a crucial role. The latest innovation in this area is the mobile road performance test bench “DynoRoad”. In this blog post we will shed light on the functionality, implementation and detailed results of this revolutionary measurement method. In addition, we as STR Performance would like to introduce this service to you and explain the advantages over a stationary dynamometer.

1. Function of the mobile road dynamometer “DynoRoad”:
The “DynoRoad” is a highly developed measuring system that makes it possible to carry out performance measurements directly on the road. It consists of sensors that are placed at strategic points on the vehicle to record various parameters. These sensors are connected to a mobile data recorder that records all relevant data. The “DynoRoad” also uses GPS technology to take accurate speed and acceleration measurements.

2. Performance and process of performance measurement:
To carry out a performance measurement with the “DynoRoad”, the vehicle drives on a predetermined route while all relevant data is recorded by the measurement system. Using GPS provides precise information about speed, acceleration and other parameters. The mobile data recorder saves this data for later analysis.

3. Detailed Results and Analysis:
The recorded data is then analyzed to calculate accurate performance values ​​such as horsepower, torque and time for different speeds. This enables a detailed assessment of vehicle performance and efficiency. All results are summarized in a clear report that is made available to the customer.

4. Advantages of the mobile road dynamometer “DynoRoad”:
– Realistic conditions: In contrast to stationary dynamometers, which often work under laboratory conditions, the “DynoRoad” enables measurements under real driving conditions. The data collected is therefore more precise and accurate.
– Extensive data: By carrying out performance measurement on the road, the “DynoRoad” collects data not only on performance, but also on vehicle speed, acceleration and other important parameters.
– Flexibility: The “DynoRoad” can be used in various locations, allowing customers and tuning enthusiasts to conveniently measure and optimize their vehicles.
– Cost efficiency: Compared to conventional stationary dynamometers, the “DynoRoad” is a more cost-effective solution because no complex adjustment of the vehicle is required.

The mobile road performance test bench “DynoRoad” offers a revolutionary way to measure the performance of vehicles under real conditions. At STR Performance we are proud to offer this service as it provides our customers with accurate data and comprehensive measurement results. Due to the flexibility and cost savings compared to stationary dynamometers, the “DynoRoad” is the ideal solution for every tuning enthusiast. Contact us today to take your vehicle performance to the next level!

Hier kannst du direkt die dienstleistung buchen

Eine revolution in der leistungsmessun